A few months ago, our team moved to a building next to where I worked 5 years ago. Ran by your old house today at lunchtime. It's on my alternate route when the trails are muddy, as they are today. BTW, our team name is now called the Digital Crimes Unit; I was the lead techie on our Rustock takedown (if you 'Bing' that, know that I took the picture of hard drives in Kansas City featured on the Wall Street Journal website). Keeping busy helps.


Three messages to convey

1. I sincerely hope you rarely/never think about 'things'. I know all too well that the alternative is a painful existence, but that is the way I choose to live. Yes, I still think about you all the time, but I don't want you to reciprocate. Please forget as much as you can.

2. B is living in Beaverton these days. Very single for the moment, and very busy trying to launch a new internet business.

3. I understand if you don't/can't respond. Or even if you try to respond in a way to completely push me away. But please know if you do that, I won't believe it's really how you feel for a second.

Okay 4. Anytime you want to talk/email/whatever, I'm here for you. Feel free to call (same x8394)/email me. Or just read this page. I probably won't update it often, unless I notice you visiting it regularly (in which case, check in weekly ...). I don't update my facebook page often, but pretty much every time I do add something, it's in the hope you will see it.

Darn, I thought of a #5 a moment ago, but can't remember it now. Maybe you'd better check back next week.